januari 19, 2018

About my trainingcamp


So recently I decided to leave cold and snowy Austria for sunny and, for sure, warmer Spain.
Already when I mounted the airplane in a mixture of snow and rain, I knew it could only get better.
And I didn’t got disappointed. About 16 degrees and a sunny sky welcomed me on the island of Mallorca.

Although the mornings were still quit chilly as soon as we finished our breakfast, the sun rose higher and with that the temperatures.
The thought “I am not coming back in the next 4/5/6 hours” can sometimes be hard when your Garmin is counting the first seconds of your ride, soon those thoughts get washed away by the feeling you have on your bike. Riding in sunshine on these beautiful roads, just makes the time pass so much faster. I have been to Mallorca for sure more than 20 times over the last years but I will never get bored of this island. You have everything – completely flat rides, hills and some tough mountains too.

After your ride there’s only one question I ask: WTF – where’s the food? 😉 charging your batteries for the next day is the main goal.

Now I am back in Belgium and really looking forward to the upcoming trainingcamp with the team until the final countdown is ON.