januari 19, 2018

A new adventure a new story to tell.

2018, the year that I start my new adventure. I always dreamed to have an international UCI team again. However, dreams are on the other side of fear. Due to unfortunate concurrence of events my old team, which I managed for 23 years, could not continue in his current form. Therefor I gathered all my courage to dive in to this new adventure.

My first idea was to start a cyclocross team. And like I sometimes do, I contacted Patrick Lefevre to ask his opinion about it. After a positive conversation, I was convinced to give it a shot and invest 200% into my new challenge. But where start?! So, I contacted some experienced riders. To find enough funds was one thing, but to find equipment was another. Even with my background I never realized that a rider needed so much equipment.

Soon it became obvious that it would be great to have those cyclocross riders on the road during summer months, so they can prepare properly. Resulting in an international UCI cyclocross and road team with 8 different nationalities.

I can proudly present you the first and only UCI women’s team on the road and in the field!

A team which counts 8 different nationalities. In all my enthusiasm, I forgot how difficult it is to get them all together in one place at the same time. So, I started to organize a meet and greet with riders, sponsors, staff and press. My plan was perfectly organized, till it turned out that our meet and greet was on the same day it snowed in Belgium that year. No trains, airplanes canceled, biggest traffic jam in history, … Riders were stuck in airports, press and sponsors did not make it due to bad roads.

Despite to some absences the atmosphere was very well. From that day on I knew I made the right choice, and motivated me more than ever. I was very excited to show our new team kit for the first time to the public.

I hope after 2018 you remember us as a new team who is motivated, wanted results and kept the spirit every single day.

“Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods”