Helen Wyman retires from professional racing.

Helen Wyman today announced her retirement from professional racing after Oostmalle. Although of course like her fans we would love to watch Helen for many more seasons in the field, we respect wholeheartedly her decision and are excited to be a part of her future in the sport.

When a rider like Helen retires, it’s important that wherever possible that rider and their experience remains in the sport and we are extremely pleased Helen will immediately transition into an off the bike role with Experza Pro CX.

Helen will form a key part of our structure as we look to move towards the top of the sport and provide essential support to our riders, and also assist on the technical side of the team as we put together a new group of partners for the 2019/20 season.

Experza Pro CX are determined to grow in size with discussions taking place with new key partners and Helen will form part of those discussions. She is already mentoring each of our riders, and from 1 April, all of the team will join Helen in Southern France for our first team training camp of the season.

“It’s been a difficult few weeks as I processed my decision to retire. But knowing I can transition into a new role and follow my passion off the bike and within the sport, has been extremely comforting. I’m loving my time with the team and it’s riders and I’m going to approach my new role with the same determination I took to my training” commented Helen.

It was a little bit of a surprise when Helen came to me to inform me she wants to retire.

For me she’s still too good to stop racing, but when an athlete like Helen say’s she’s listened to her body, I think she knows what is best for herself.

So we have to support her in this decision. As we previously agreed she will join the staff earlier than first planned. Having a new target of supporting our young riders with her knowledge and experience it maybe made her decision a little bit easier to take.
Her retirement will bring an emptiness in the peleton.

I really look forward to the plan we set up to build our CX Pro team with Helen as an important pillar of the team.

Christel Herremans
General Manager