PRESS RELEASE – From 1 January 2019 team Experza-Footlogix will change their focus to cx races

From 1 January 2019 team Experza-Footlogix will change their focus to cx races.

One of our sponsors who signed a 3-years contract will stop the contract after one year at the moment the team wanted to go to a higher level again.

It’s a hard decision, but if you don’t have the money to be on the top, then it will be difficult. If you don’t have the riders who stays on the top level from the UCI-ranking, they don’t see you often on television, sponsors are disappointed …

I didn’t decide this in one week, even in one month, but some circumstances made it faster than I wanted (you can read later more details in my blog on

To have no misunderstanding, the team don’t stop. We still will do the road with the cx riders, but with another focus.

Our riders were already informed a time ago and I’m happy that a part of the riders already found a new team for the next season. It’s not easy because a few teams quit at the end of the season.

I hope that also our other riders will find a new team.


What brought us in 2018:

12 victories on the road with 2 UCI- races

4 victories in the cx

Austrian Champion on the road

Polish champion individual time trial U23

Belgium champion road and ITT U23

Podium place (3rd) French championship ITT

Podium place (3rd) Belgian championship TTT

For the rest a lot of crashes and sickness, because of this we missed a good start of the season.


I want to thank everyone who believed in our road team.


Christel Herremans  – Manager