januari 29, 2018

Soon moving day (Trine)

Preparation for departure to Germany, have for real started. So ready to start the life, as a full time cyclist again. It’s just something else, to have the time, to focus 💯 procent on training (and soon racing).

The months I’ve spend in Denmark has been used with training (in shity weather!🌧❄️🌪 so the weather during the spring classics should not be a problem😅). Then I’ve been working and used time with friends and family. So have had some great months at home. But by time I miss staying in south more and more, and im looking so much forward to move back.

Just feeling so lucky, having the opportunity, to live in such a great cycling area, based 4K from Sittard and so close to the Ardennes. I’ll live with a Danish family – when I’m not with the team. So hopefully I’ll not forget my danish totally🙊


2/2 moving to Germany
8/2 trainingcamp Franc