januari 23, 2018

The first month with the Experza-Footlogix team

The first month with the Experza-Footlogix team, i can say the people are amazing.

First race I rode wa Baal first of january a lot of mud and fun. Get to know the Experza familie, this day was so nice. I did ride a good race but a crash made a good result really difficult. But no worries next week is a new race.

Leuven a lovely course, steep down hill parts and some running. But a overal fast, a great start of Thalita and myself. First lap Thalita and I were in mosition 2&3. Afteron lap we were with 4 for place 2&3. I took to much risk and I crashed, my bike was broken. Lost a few places and finisht 8th. Really disapointed I returned to the team bus. Axelle came cheer my up. So much love in this team and I enjoy every second!

Then there was the nationals, they came all the way from Belgium to help and support us. A good race for me, only there were 3 better. Little disapointed to finish in fourth place.

The monday after the nationals there was already another race, Otegem. So cold and raining. But even in the cold there was a great meganic for me! Thanks Coerd, meganic, but also someone that can give some advice. This really helpt! Great start but the last 2 laps were to much, stil working on mij condition but it’s getting better every week.

My first world cup in the Experza clothes. A really bad start, a good first lap made it possible to ride to a good position three in the u23 category. Lost the battle but a really nice course abd race. Happy to make progress every race.