July 7, 2018

Time flies by when you’re having fun

Nationals are over which means we are over half way through the season, guess time flies by when you’re having fun? For me it also means I just had some days of rest to recharge the batteries before I go into another training period, starting in France where I’ll be living with the view of MontVentoux, continuing to Spain in the area between Barcelona and Girona and then ending in Italy at Lake Garda. A lot of altitude training and hopefully also a lot of sun will be included, so what’s not to like. Fingers crossed this will bring me into the last part of the season, with yet another level.

The first part of the season has had its ups and downs, but I guess you can’t get through a season without any difficulties. In the end, the adversity is a key in making you stronger, and how boring would life be if you didn’t have any complications? Okay it could be nice, but things are just so much more joyful when you work hard to reach the goal. And for sure, you remember to enjoy the small victories underway.

“It’s gonna get harder before it get’s easier. But it will get better, you just gotta make it though the hard stuff first.”


Wish everyone out there a great summer,